CE&E Renovation Experiment One: Nesting IV – The Living Room

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“In short the evolution of a woman’s elegance beyond a certain age should keep step with the evolution of her general behaviour …  She should simply consider the passing fashions from a longer viewpoint and remain faithful to what is most becoming to her.”

  • Genevieve Antoine Dariaux, A Guide to Elegance

I chose decorating my living room as my first CE&E Experiment in part because while not an expert in  environmental psychology,  I believe that physical spaces can significantly influence how one feels, thinks and interacts with the world – and which in turn the world responds.

For a number of years now the spaces that I live and work in have become part of my package of excuses for becoming static.

I am hopeful that by mending my living space, to me a metaphor of a broken back flow prevention valve, I will begin to rebuild my creative confidence that has been eroded over the years, and in turn build a new sense of chic, elegance and connectedness to the world around me that I lost over the years.

Like everyone, my time is limited and I want to connect the dots in my life.

I did not buy anything new to create my new living space, rather I gathered what I have collected over the years and pulled it all together into a space that reflects me.

My living room reflects glimpses of my life. It has a touch of the Art Deco glam that has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. It is full of the “investment” furniture pieces purchased over the years. Each piece retains a memory of a life well lived. The walls are covered with art pieces that LOML and I have collected on our many journeys. Each item in the room reminds me of the story of how it came to be in my life.  While the room is still in need of accessorizing – that will have to wait for now. Accessorizing is something I do with a dear friend who will need to travel from afar to help me choose.

room view buffet room view fireplace room view sofa

Serendipitously many of the pieces I have used are listed in the 2014 home decorating trends including: the use of yellow metals, blues of every hue, vintage pieces, combinations of different materials (glass, metal, stone, wood, textiles), mixing and matching different types of metals, ethnic/global textiles/prints, transparent/acrylic furniture, bold geometric design, statement light fixtures, light honey-toned woods, mixing textures and patterns, luxury/glamor, pastels…

cabinet carpet detail coffee table and chairs dali wall handles nook chair panthers side chair side table 1 side table 2 urn

…and a radiant orchid.


I am content.

 “Eventually everything connects.”

  • Charles Eames

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