CE&C Renovation Experiment: Quality

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.”

  • Aristotle

While I have always known that I cannot afford but to buy the best, I have fallen victim to impulse shopping. In addition I have had a misguided belief that others may want things that I have bought but do not want myself. The cumulative impact is that I have a closet full of “I have nothing to wears” and a house full of items I will never use or look at but with which I cannot bear to part.

As part of my CE&C Experiment over the course of the next year I will dispose of these space and time wasters. I have made a commitment to myself to acquire only the best quality of whatever I am looking for.

From now on before making any purchase I will do my homework and collect all the data I can for the best quality and luxury of whatever I am searching for prior to making a decision. No more impulse shopping. I will not buy anything without advance preparation. I will only buy the best. I hope that in this way I will end up with only things that I actually like, enjoy, and use.

In tracking down the best I am rapidly developing a database of information that might be useful to others, and I’ll share this with you to save you the time of having to recreate this information.

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