CE&C Renovation Experiment Three: Lingerie II – List of Luxury Lingerie Companies

[First post in this Experiment: Lingerie I – No Nonsense]

Please note there are many great utilitarian undergarment companies such as Bali, Calvin Klein, Jockey, Maidenform, Playtex, Shock Absorber, Wacol, and Warners. These products are well made and even for a chic-elegant mid-century modern type of woman are solid day-to-day undergarments (depending on your lifestyle and how you feel about yourself).

Below is my personal list of high-end specialty luxury lingerie sites. While many of these sites have e-stores (with return/exchange policies), I suggest that if you can, find a local store and try on what has caught your fancy. Particularly with bras, fit is important (you can always then (re)order on line). In addition, due to taxes and shipping it is often cheaper if you buy these items locally (either in person or domestic e-stores).

Many of these sites have great information and lingerie related blogs associated with them. A fun way of spending an evening or two when the lingerie shopping muses start nibbling (or better yet with someone nibbling on your neck… ears…)

The list below is a work in progress… if you have any suggestions to help improve my site or additional links please contact me.

The Most Expensive Lingerie – Luxury Sexy Underwear


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