CE&C Renovation Experiment: Four – Chocolate IV – List of Luxury Chocolate Companies

Thanks to internet shopping, with a little bit of patience, it is possible to source the best of anything from around the world. It no longer matters where you live – you can always have the best of the best.

In the list below of top chocolatiers from around the world some have e-shops whereas others do not or are restricted to certain regions. I have successfully ordered from some of these more local companies, mostly from France; however, I have had to call to arrange the details (hint: using a courier service is often seriously more economical than using the French postal service). It also helps speaking the language (it’s a Canadian thing).

Chocolate Hunting Tips

Fortunately for Chic, Elegant and Connected chocolate connoisseurs there are some intrepid companies that offer a wide selection of products from many chocolatiers such as: Chocosphere or World Wide Chocolate.

There are some great reviews of the best chocolatiers on the web that are well worth looking at before you make any decision on what you will purchase next. One of the most comprehensive is The Nibble Great Food Finds: The Magazine About Specialty Foods.

In addition perusing through the list of the International Chocolate Award winners is never a waste of time. And in fact represents the list that I consult annually in my favorite categories.

For serious chocolate fans there are many annual chocolate festivals that are worth making a pilgrimage to if you are in the area.

There are many options for city chocolate tours in major chocolate destinations (e.g. Paris, Brussels), chocolate museums and factory tours.

Top Luxury Chocolatiers

Many of these sites below have great information and chocolate related blogs associated with them. As always, the list below is a work in progress… if you have any suggestions to help improve my site or additional links please contact me.

Please note nothing I am listing is a referral; rather the list is the list that I use to make personal choices.



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