Exp. 7: Dung Beetle Stalking Prey – Chapter 10.

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Using her Third Eye, Hathor started to get up to date with global and local events. It had been around 1,500 years since the Egyptian Pantheon had lapsed into a cycle of hedonistic catch-up-time. While she had kept abreast in broad strokes with what was happening, particularly in the area of telecommunications, since it was her hedonism cycle she had chosen not to keep up with the fine details. Thoth on the other hand, a staunch Unionist, maintained that work-life balance was very important to him, so kept a clear separation between work and personal time, completely turning off his Third Eye during hedonism cycles. Unlike Hathor, Thoth tended to make decisions based on theory and facts rather than on emotion – which was very much in keeping with his genetic wiring. Sometimes that was a good thing. In this case, it meant he was seriously out of touch.

After a high level look-see, Hathor scanned for more detailed events that were occurring in her beloved Egypt. She narrowed her focus to the spot where the call between Earth and Heaven to her was made.

“Thoth,” Hathor rarely called him by his given name, normally preferring celestial endearments, “…you promised me that you would destroy the Coordinated Proceedings on Chaos and the Associated Binding Blood Contract Made Between the Gods to Prevent its Occurrence,” Hathor’s notorious ire was rising.

“I was going to, with Ami, that hot-headed little fire god. First we were going to take it out of the complex so we could burn it. Then neither of us had the heart to do so. The Proceedings and the Contract may be the most important written documents of all time and we thought they should be preserved. So we decided that Ami would encircle the entire complex in a protective shield of an eternal flame. But after awhile, well… you know Ami, hotheaded, but he loses his steam after a while. So I enlisted Shu, the god of dry air, wind and the atmosphere, to bury it deep under dunes within your abandoned sacred site so it would never be found,” Thoth replied justifying his actions.

“Please take a few moments wearing your Third Eye. Pay careful attention to what Set has been up to. I believe he has outdone himself,” Hathor sighed, shaken but not stirred.

While he was scanning, Thoth’s serene look turned from mild astonishment to great unease. Deserving of a raised eyebrow. The full implications of what he may have helped set in motion by not destroying the document was beginning to dawn on him.

It looked like Set, that old testicle-less, fratricidal, misogynist God of deserts, storms, darkness and lower case chaos had been trying to completely eradicate the Universal Laws that were necessary to keep order. Through an ingenious albeit insidious religion-building event, Set had apparently collapsed the Universal Laws and the 42 Negative Confessions into a small number of imperative ‘Thou shalt not…’ Commandments. These Commandments essentially undermined the concept of free will and inner peace that defined the universal laws including Ma’at (that’s Ma’at the principal of balance, not Ma’at the hot little number Thoth spent so much time with at the beach during one of his more memorable hedonism cycles).

While Hathor and Thoth had been aware of Set’s initial attempt at destabilizing Ma’at during the Hyksos/Sheppard King migration into Egypt and their eventual dominance, which culminated in the much overrated Akhenaten-(Ah)Mose incident, they had been under the false impression that this historical thread had been largely cut out of human societal development with the fall of Set’s capital in Avaris, the Hyksos expulsion from Egypt, and finally with the Roman dispersion of the One-Male-Godists as slaves from Judea to serve their empire.

From the look of things, Set’s cults were thriving despite being bipolar, black-and-white, with-or-against-me doctrines, which had largely stripped out the love, sex and joy elements of life, that Hathor, in particular, had worked so hard to cultivate since the beginning of time.

In addition, Set had purposefully violated two of the unofficial rules that all within the multitude of various global Pantheons followed to create an equal playing field for the gods. Set’s first violation was that he was working overtime while the other gods took a well deserved off-cycle. What a scab. His second transgression was that he had clearly distorted the works of other gods for his own personal gratification. These infractions were unacceptable. Simply unbecoming. Ungodly. Bad form.

While both Hathor and Thoth felt sorry for Set’s current battered partner, the truly useful and excellent goddess of eternal life in transition Nephthys, this was too much. Particularly considering that Set lost his testicle fair and square when his nephew Horus ripped it off in partial retaliation for: 1) Set murdering his own brother Osiris to gain power and to add insult to injury feeding Osiris’ penis to a lowly catfish; 2)  Isis consequently needing to fashion a gold phallus for Osiris after having temporarily resurrected him in order to conceive Horus; and, 3) Set’s subsequent and unsuccessful attempt at raping and inseminating Horus to prove his dominance. Set still couldn’t get over the fact that he was ball-less and had failed to gain the upper hand in the Egyptian Pantheon. So to vent his what was beginning to look like eternal mean bad boy spleen, he continued to take it out on everyone.

Thoth felt that Hathor’s anger was completely justified. Despite his reputation as a mediator, he too was beside himself at what Set had done. His Third Eye had also indicated that Set had made it one of his goals to destroy knowledge through information suppression, book banning, and book burning, including his sad legacy in Alexandria (in which Thoth’s beloved library was burned not once but four times, in 48 BC by Caeser’s army, by Aurelian in AD 270, in 389 AD by the Christian Emperor Byzans Theodosius, and to add insult to injury, again and terminally in 643 AD by the Moslem Caliph Omar). Worse, he was spreading disinformation, and promoting the persecution of those who moved knowledge forward. Knowledge was Thoth’s domain, his genetic birthright. Set had no right to interfere. This abomination was personal. Thoth, like Hathor, wanted to right Ma’at – even if they were supposed to be on vacation.

“Well, we can’t change what has occurred; however, I think it is time to call the Ogdoad, our eternal parents, to a council of pre-emptive war. We need to develop a well coordinated plan forward,” Hathor proclaimed, taking on the form of the lion whom the ancient Egyptians called Sekhmet.

When pushed over the edge, Thoth’s beloved could become a bloodthirsty pussycat, and from millennia of experience he knew the only way to turn her back into her gentle bovine self was to get her drunk. Piss-faced drunk.

Thoth thought it might be a while until her blood-thirst would be quenched.

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