2015-16 Fall/Winter Fashion Trends: Zen on Hold

“True Fashion is a deep current that changes only every four or five years and is the inspiration of some particular creator, while Passing Fashion are ripples of no great importance, which are carried off by the winds of a single season and are invented by a number of different designers. It is the former that change the lines, volumes, and length of the mode; the latter are especially concerned with details and most of all with trimmings…  Of course, in order to be elegant, you must be in fashion. If the latest fashion is exactly what suits you, so much the better!… those fortunate women who have already established their own style and intend to preserve it should concentrate on the less startling models, which will not be dated like a bottle of wine by some current fashion detail”.

    • Genevieve Antoine Dariaux

Walking home today I noticed the new fall display in a local clothing shop: a black leather skirt with a laser cut lacy bottom paired with a textured winter white sweater. This tableau epitomizes one of the many F/W 2015-16 season’s upcoming looks that collectively can be described as visibly busy.


The cumulative F/W collection is a hodgepodge of a century’s worth of ideas – but not all the same century. It’s a non-cohesive patchwork of 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, Victorian, Edwardian, boho, oversized masculine, military style and atleisure, with a bit of gothic glam thrown in for measure. Although it is very glamorous, colourful and eye pleasing, I’m not seeing a clear pattern… and perhaps that’s the point of this season’s fashion.

As I do every season, I like to add a few non-essential capricious “fashion” confections, offered en masse four times a year by those crafty designers, to spice up my basic capsule wardrobe – although I know it will be yesterday’s news in a blink of an eye. This season I have added some lovely 3/4 length sleeve tee-shirts (women of a certain age should cover their upper arms…), two oversized cashmere sweaters, and dusted off my pucci scarfs.

The core of my F/W 2015-16 wardrobe will be centred around my neutral based capsule wardrobe basics consisting of: a little black dress, a black skirt, two pants (navy, black), three jeans (blue boyfriend, black skinny, khaki), le smoking black blazer, two sweaters (burgundy, navy), a cream coloured long-sleeve silk shirt, an ode to a Canadian winter – 2 turtlenecks (navy, black), tee-shirts (pale pink with leather side panel, burgundy, icy blue with lace bottom, multi-colored psychedelic flashback, black),  black leather jacket, Inuit parka with fur cuffs and collar, black combat boots (Canada. Winter. Need I say more?), patent leather black flats, black oxfords, black purse, and an assortment of necklaces and scarves that are aligned with seasonal trends.

As usual for each of the following trends I looked at a minimum of 30 blogs/trend forecasts and have listed the top hits. According to the plethora of fashion blogs that my eyes consume with abandon, the following appear to be the seasons trends.

2015-16 Fashion Roll Call

Fall-Winter 2015/16 Colours
pale pink, salmon pink, cashmere rose, scarlet, burgundy, marsala, maroon
jewel jam, cadmium orange, burnt orange, apricot orange
dried herb, desert sage, forest green, moss, olive, army greens
sky, ice blue, teal, biscay blue, reflecting pond, blue iris, navy
amethyst orchid
winter white
mushroom, oak buff, brown
grey, stormy weather, black

Fabrics: tweed, hounds tooth, tactile texture, lace, leather, suede, graphics, plaids, brocade, sparkly, Moroccan rug inspired, patchwork, velvet, global design, crocodile, florals, metallic, lame and sequins, windowpane checks, mixed patterns, sheer, graphic black and white; fringes, feathers, ribbed knitwear

Dresses: neo Victorian, slip, shiny, eastern influenced, shift, sweater dress, slits all over, boho, baby doll, denim
Shirts: turtlenecks, black leather turtleneck, while polo, neck high necked laced Victorian, extra pointy collars, statement white blouse, pussy bow blouse, puffy sleeves, crop over long sleeve shirt
Sweaters: oversized, turtlenecks, sleeves that go on beyond your fingertips, textured, patterned
Pants: flared trousers, culottes, shants, bell bottom capri, high waistline
Skirts: midi length, pleats (fan, box, knife, carwash pleats)
Suits: grey, power pant suits
Cloaks: capes, ponchos, blanket coats, floor duster/maxi coat, cocoon, fur cuffs sleeves and collars, power furs, reflective bomber jackets, reefer jackets, oversized down jacket
Scarves: skinny, fur stoles (with or without body parts [tail/head]), pussy bows, bandana, blanket scarf, big chunky knits
Hemlines: flouncy, bellbottomed, fringe, asymmetrical, mini to very long – but midi is what will rock the season
Jewelry: bling, large earrings, oversized, slim velvet choker

Boots: thigh high boots, mid-calf chunky heeled boots, black boots, pelted footwear (can you say mucklucks), combat boots
Shoes: staked kitten heel, two toned shoes, statement shoes

Gloves: long
Tights: graphic, statement tights
Handbags: boxy bag, fringe detail, embellished, patchwork, structured bucket bag, oversized clutch, cross body
Belts: big
Glasses: tinted big interesting shapes
Silly pointless seasonal trends: turtleneck dickie, dresses worn over pants, punk rock nose rings, big pockets, black suspenders, big buttons, long sleeves that hide hands, one sleeved gowns…. come on!

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