CE&C Renovation Experiment: Eight – Pounds Be Gone: A Recalibration I

“The unwanted pound which insidiously sneaks up on you when your attention is elsewhere is the most redoubtable enemy of many women. Every spring-time the fashion magazines and women’s pages invent new diets which, if they are followed to the… Continue Reading

CE&C Renovation Experiment Two: Scarves II – Scarf Basics

[Previous post in this experiment: Scarves I – Grandmother’s Wisdom] When I wear a silk scarf I feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.” Audrey Hepburn I have boxes of scarfs I have acquired over the years. Most… Continue Reading

CE&C Renovation Experiment Two: Scarves I – Grandmother’s Wisdom

“…it is necessary to give a good deal of thought to accessories and never buy anything on an impulse that does not fit into your well established program. The saying “I can not afford to buy cheaply,” was never so… Continue Reading

CE&C Renovation Experiment: A Guiding Light – Genevieve Antoine Dariaux

Yesterday, as the Love of My Life (LOML) and I were in the car going to do our ritual Saturday grocery shopping run, in front of a house in our ‘hood, there were a number of cardboard boxes with a… Continue Reading