CE&C Renovation Experiment: Two – Scarves III – List of Luxury Scarf Companies

[First post in this Experiment: Scarves I – Grandmother’s Wisdom] [Previous post in this Experiment: Scarves II – Scarf Basics] Over the last few posts, I have talked a lot about scarves. I thought you might like to see some.… Continue Reading

CE&C Renovation Experiment Two: Scarves I – Grandmother’s Wisdom

“…it is necessary to give a good deal of thought to accessories and never buy anything on an impulse that does not fit into your well established program. The saying “I can not afford to buy cheaply,” was never so… Continue Reading

CE&C Renovation Experiment: Quelle surprise!

In the 1920s the Seeberger brothers’ photographic images of the beautiful and wealthy people of Paris redefined western women’s expectations of themselves. Beauty became celluloid deep and available to all. An extremely lucrative market was born. Since I was a… Continue Reading